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Projects Overview

We worked for several areas of Geo & Engineering, Mining, Groundwater ,Environment and Human Resource Division.

Work Experiences in Geo & Engineering Division:

Work Experiences in Mining Division:


Topographical Survey - GIS and Remote Sensing- Geotechnical Investigations,Drilling/Exploratory Drifting & Testing for Engineering Parameters- Geophysical Investigations- Geological Studies & Geological Report Preparation- 3D Geological Model- Hydro Engineering- Project Management Consultancy – Project Planning & Scheduling & Cost Engineering- Landslide Studies & Slope Engineering- Excavation Engineering - Blasting Technology-
Excelling Geo & Engineering (EGE) Consultant Pvt. Ltd. is now an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.     ISEG Golden Jublee Conference at New Delhi from 27-29 Oct 2015 Venue IIT Delhi.