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Ground Water

EGE Consultant have a well-established hydrogeological base and our specialist team of geologists, hydro geologists and geochemists undertake all aspects of ground water studies. We provide a range of services related to ground water quality and quantity including resource exploration, pollution evaluation and remediation design. Ground water modelling specialists develop site specific conceptual and detailed models for the evaluation and prediction of contaminant migration, dewatering, groundwater impacts and water supply.

We assist in the design and implementation of monitoring systems, including the selection and procurement of instrumentation. Routine sampling and monitoring services are available through experienced field technicians.

Groundwater services include

  • Groundwater exploration and hydro-census
  • Groundwater exploration programmes using remote sensing and geophysical methods
  • Preparation of terms of references (scope of work) for drilling and pumping test activities
  • Supervision of drilling and pump testing of water supply boreholes
  • Design of boreholes and supervision of construction
  • Design and implementation of aquifer pumping tests
  • Analysis of aquifer testing and evaluation
  • Groundwater sampling according to internationally acceptable protocols
  • Water quality assessment
  • Numerical modelling of groundwater flow and solute transport
  • Aquifer monitoring
  • Artificial recharge programs
  • Management, development and monitoring of well fields and major aquifers
  • Preparation of Bankable Feasibility studies & Resource optimization.
  • Review of Bankable feasibility studies
  • Catchment Management.
  • Ground Water Risk Assessment
  • Groundwater Control & Dewatering


Excelling Geo & Engineering (EGE) Consultant Pvt. Ltd. is now an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.     ISEG Golden Jublee Conference at New Delhi from 27-29 Oct 2015 Venue IIT Delhi.