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We have specialized team for exploration and planning to cater the needs of Mining industries and committed to deliver quality services as per the international standard on time. Our team, having experts for Coal, Metals & Non-metals mining sectors, is capable to handle any mining projects for exploration and development of mines planes.

We work with our clients to plan new mines or improve the operations of existing mines, with a primary focus on achieving optimum output and return. Our expertise covers mining exploration & engineering, geotechnical, geological & geophysical studies, Sub-surface 3D Modelling studies, feasibility studies, strategy optimization, due diligence & technical audits, appraisals, expert reports, and business improvement services. Our clients will include mining companies, insurance companies, banks, and investors.

Mining services include

  • Advisory Services for Mining Business
  • Feasibility Studies & Reserve Estimation
  • Detail Exploration Planning
  • Geological Report (GR) Preparation
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Consultancy for Prospecting Lease (PL) & Mining Lease (ML)
  • Development of Mine Plan & Scheduling
  • Instrumentation, Monitoring & Analysis in mining.
  • Technical support in mining
  • Selection of underground mining method
  • Backfill system design and optimization
  • Waste dump management
  • Techno-commercial Assessment & Due diligence


Excelling Geo & Engineering (EGE) Consultant Pvt. Ltd. is now an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.     ISEG Golden Jublee Conference at New Delhi from 27-29 Oct 2015 Venue IIT Delhi.